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Hubspot Inc. Vanquishes, Facebook, Google in the top 10 best places to work


As per the latest annual ranking list released by Glassdoor, Big companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have dropped out of the 10 best places to work. The list was released on 10 December, 2019.

These companies have been in the limelight for quite some time now, due to their work culture, employee benefits and many perks that they offer to their employees.

Who’s number one?

Hubspot Inc. On the other hand, has topped the list of most desirable places to work, leaving behind the Silicon Valley giants. Hubspot Inc.

Is a software company that develops and markets software products for inbound marketing and sales.

Hubspot was Co-Founded by Bryan Hallgan (CEO) and Dharmesh Shah (CTO) in 2006 while they were studying together at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

With headquarters in Massachusetts and Cambridge, the company provides tools for content management, social media marketing, landing pages, web analytics, customer support and search engine optimization.

History of most desirable places to work

Google, has been in the list of top 10 best places to work for the last 8 years. In 2015 it was voted the best place to work, however, in the latest list it stood in 11th place.

Facebook, has achieved the title of “best place to work” thrice in the past 10 years, has fallen down to 23rd in this year’s Glassdoor’s ranking. Facebook first made it to the list in 2011, being on the 7thplace last year, but this year’s rating has been the lowest yet.

Apple, had been on the list consistently among the top 25 places, however, this year it was ranked 84th.

Amazon, on the other hand has never been able to land a place in this list, whereas, Microsoft, had improved its rating  from 34th to 21st last year.

Basis of the list

This list of ranking is based on employee reviews in areas such as benefits, work culture, views of senior management, work-life balance and compensations.

To be eligible for ranking, a company must have at least a 1000 employees and must receive 75 ratings across the 8 defined categories by Glassdoor.

The employees of  big tech giants including Google and Facebook have spoken out, in some cases even publicly expressing their unhappiness  about management decisions, these companies have faced criticism by their employees for many other reasons as well.

Facebook’s employees have been quite happier in the past, due to a beautiful work culture, complemented by corporate transportation, free meals at work, and even laundry services.

Given the recent raking they seem to have problems with the management as they are against some of the policies related issues such as not fact checking the potential advertisement.

Google, according to an internal survey, reported by Bloomberg, reflected that the number of employees who were inspired by the vision of Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer, had reduced drastically, earlier this year.

Moreover, it was found that the number of employees was even less who thought that management could lead the company into the bright future.

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