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Personal Branding – A success Mantra of Digital World


In today’s world, where almost everything is becoming digital and social media has become a way of life, personal branding could take you places. It can be defined simply as a way of promoting yourself as a brand, but it is much more than that.

‘Branding’ as we understand it, is very common for big companies and even for small business these days, and personal branding as the name suggests, is the concept, related to a person, sometimes it could be the owner of that big brand everyone’s talking about like Bill Gates of Microsoft, or it could just be a person who is his/her own brand, like Kim Kardashian.

The power of personal branding

We are all familiar with the brands that belongs to the big and small companies in the market, even that toothpaste you use is branded and you have developed a trust for the brand.

You probably even get offended about the brand of clothes you wear, or the brand of cosmetic products that you use. This is how you can describe the power of branding.

Personal branding is not very different than the branding that is used by the companies. The only difference is you promote yourself instead of your company.

Personal branding, in way has always been there, however, it has become much more popular now with the huge presence of social media.

The sky’s the limit when you talk about the power of personal branding. Big brands have always been taking advantage of personal branding by advertising their products through the people who are already a big ‘Personal Brands’.

You can land that dream job just by promoting yourself which you never had even with the appropriate qualifications.

You may have been struggling for months, but take the help of a professional resume writer and job portals to promote yourself and you will become more likely to land that job in a jiffy.

You can achieve name, fame and money if you have an established personal brand. It is not only limited to being the promoter of other brands, it will be useful for you to create your own range of products and sell them successfully in the market with your own personal brand.

Let’s see how some of the world’s most celebrated personalities are the biggest examples of personal branding.

Some of the biggest personal brands

There are many good examples when it comes to personal branding, but we have chosen some of the best ones to share with you.

Ellen DeGeneres

She has come a long way from a stand up comedian to begin her career to hosting one of the most watched daytime talk shows ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’.

To begin her career show started doing stand up comedy for a small group of people in clubs and comedy houses and she continued this until she landed her own sitcom ‘Ellen’ in 1994.

She guest starred in many shows before she got her own show, but with ‘Ellen’ she got all the name and fame she deserved.

The show ran for almost 5 seasons before it was cancelled, the main reason behind the cancellation of the show was the sponsors were no longer interested in promoting this show, because the star of the show was ‘Gay’

During the 4th season of ‘Ellen’ before the fictional character of Ellen came out as gay, Ellen herself came out in the public during her interview with Opera Winfrey.

It was only after that the sponsors started pulling their support off the show.

None of what happened stopped Ellen from working even harder, it was much more than hard work because at the time she was the first actress that came out as gay in public.

She launched her own show “ The Ellen Show” in 2001, which was also cancelled. She didn’t give up and launched another show called “The Ellen Degeneres Show” Which is still running successfully.

Neil Patel

One of the most popular bloggers, Neil Patel is considered worlds. No. 1 SEO expert. He runs his own blog called ‘’ and is a cofounder in many big startups such as: Hello Bar, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

Who is Neil Patel, a student that started his own website when he was mare 16 years old. He tried to get his website marketed but ended up losing all his savings.

He says “This was the moment I realized that marketing was the thing I had to learn” and since then he had been helping many brands including Google, CNBC and Ebay.

“I have been helping all these big companies but I get the most satisfaction by helping small businesses grow, I do this by being honest and over delivering every time,” he says. He has proved himself to be a perfect example of personal branding.

Richard Branson

Popularly known as Richard Branson, he is formally called Sir Richard Charls Nicholas Branson is a British businessman, philanthropist, investor and author of several books, such as: Let’s Do It and Screw It.

He is known for founding the virgin group that controls the operations of more than 400 companies worldwide.

He is another example of innovative personal branding, he has inspired millions of people with his unique style of work.

His airlines, Virgin Atlantic was started by him in 1984 as a joke, when his flight from Puerto Rico to Virgin Island was cancelled.

He decided that he didn’t have to wait for another flight and hired a personal jet and wrote “$39 one way to BVI” on a borrowed blackboard as a joke.

The bottom line

The list goes on, there are many more people who have evolved themselves with personal branding.

Deliberately or indeliberately they have been famous for their style of work, their potential and their hunger for success.

You can build your own personal brand easily, but the key is to be consistent with honesty and hard work to keep things going.

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