digital OOH advertising of Marico's Hair & Care by MOMS

The most innovative digital OOH advertising of Marico’s Hair & Care by MOMS


If you are living in Mumbai you might come face to face with a digital advertisement starring Shraddha Kapoor, flaunting her flawless hair that will move with the wind.

Yes, this is the beginning of a new phase in out of home advertising, the digital OOH.

Marico has introduced its new ad campaign “KhuleBaalBefikar” all over the metro stations in Mumbai and many of the bus shelters in Jaipur, for its hair & care range.

This digital OOH advertising uses latest wind sensor technology that moves the Shraddha`s hair along with the flow of the wind, whenever the train or bus arrives.

This is giving a lively form to the basic idea behind the ad campaign – ‘light and free open hair’. You may watch the campaign video here.

Marico has released this ad campaign through Madison world’s outdoor unit called MOMS.  Earlier this year Madison world managed to win Marico’s account back that it had lost last year to Lodestar UM last year after service Marico since 2003.

Partner & Group CEO Madison Media & OOH, Vikram Sakhuja, showed Madison world’s delight to win back the prestigious Marico account.

He said that we are confident that we will be their true business partner and substantially contribute to their growth story. Marico evaluated their cutting edge Digital expertise and found them as the right fit, he added.”

Madison’s world has delivered their promise by making this fabulous, innovative advertisement that is catching the eyes of many people.

As per the official press release by Medison world, Chief marketing officer, Marico Limited, Mr. Koshy George, said that their priority at Marico is to understand the mindset of their consumers that enables them to develop insight-driven ad campaigns. Hair & Care is a young, fun brand, for audiences who like to live their lives to the fullest.

The consumers are always looking for new and entertaining content on social media and they are willing to adopt new trends, he added.

This ad campaign was hence derived from the idea of engaging the core consumers, and the outdoor bus shelters and metro stations were the best choice to display this short video format that has turned out quite well.

The Chief Operating Officer of MOMS, Mr. Jayesh Yagnic, in the same press release said, “ Digital OOH is here to stay and will grow multi-fold in the coming years.

He added that they are always on the lookout for innovation and they do it as a team. The product hair & care was about light and bouncy hair, and the image of free floating hair comes to mind, but that wasn’t possible with only out of home advertising”.

Digital OOH is new to the Indian market, however, it has been used quite a few times in the west. Recently, the brand, Walkers has used digital OOH advertising where Garry Lineker was seen doling out Walker crisps.

The ad campaign was very interesting where people waiting for their bus at the bus stops were given free packets of chips by virtual image of Garry Lineker when they tweeted about Walkers.

Mr. Jayesh Yagnic, the Chief Operating Officer of MOMS, when asked about the challenges they faced with the campaign, he said that, “MOMS creative and serving teams came up with this idea jointly to install screens that with the help of sensors, could move the hair instead of a static image.

It was quite challenging to finalize the right location, metro stations were there, but it had to be brought out, so they went with but shelters in Jaipur as well The digital OOH is a very new concept in India and given the changing weather conditions, it was pretty challenging to install those screens in an outdoor environment” he added.

Deepak Kumar, Executive Vice President, Ambient, C Lab, ROOH, when asked about the future of digital advertising, he said, Digital OOH has endless technical possibilities, you just have to be able to think and believe and it, in order to implement it.

When asked about the possible challenges a creative team might face at the time of installing such advanced technology, he said, the first challenge is the mindset of some of the clients towards SOV or ROS campaigns, though many of them are happy, others are still skeptical about the new technology.

The other challenge is the limitation of kind of hardware and software that are required to implement such ideas.

About the efficiency of DOOH campaigns, Deepak avers, “this kind of ad campaigns attract people to be around the product, and create a buzz.

The digital technology offers a kind of flexibility that an effective ad campaign should have.

It might be expensive but it is gathering people and making them step out of their comfort zones. This kind of ad campaigns should be encouraged as they could help us explore the vast potential that this medium has.

About the future that DOOH holds, he predicts, “ DOOH will add more value to the out of home advertising sector.

Most of the brands will look for such technology that can manage a campaign dynamically on the basis of location, time and target audience, in the future.

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